We are committed to the quality of our products, and the health and safety of our employees. 


Braeside Fabricators Inc. has a welding repair rate well below industry average at 0.2% or approximately 1 repair in 500 welds.           

This low repair requirement translates into:

  • No lost time in costly repairs

  • Higher quality products for our clients

  • Better productivity

  • On time delivery

Health, Safety, and Environment

We are strongly committed to employee Health and Safety.  Our Health and Safety Manual provides awareness and training on workplace procedures, safety provisions and industry requirements. 

Our Safety Record:

  • Lost time accidents are mitigated through safety awareness 
  • Over 6 years, or close to than 250,000 man hours with zero lost time incidents
  • One of the lowest WCB rate in the industry

We stand by our Environmental Protection Statement to prevent and mitigate any environmental impacts arising during operations.